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X1 Marketing Inc, the new go-to local marketing agency in Peoria, Illinois. We're acclaimed for powerfully boosting sales and expanding customer bases through well-crafted paid advertising, search engine optimization (SEO), #1 at Google Business Profile optimization & ranking, customized websites, and a portfolio of other impactful local marketing tactics to increase your Peoria business growth.

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Don't Let Your Local Marketing Get Stuck in the Yellow (p)Ages!

In today's digital age, relying on yellow pages for advertising is increasingly ineffective and often a complete misallocation of resources. With the digital revolution, the relevance of phone books has drastically diminished, as the majority now turn to the internet for their search needs. In fact, investing in yellow page advertising can be a costly endeavor with minimal returns, especially when compared to the vast potential of online marketing.

Remember these days...

Local Marketing in Peoria Illinois Yellow Pages

Here at X1 Marketing Inc, We...

Strongly advises against pouring funds into outdated yellow page advertisements. Instead, we recommend redirecting your advertising budget towards online media. Our full-service advertising agency excels in digital strategies, providing a far more cost-effective and impactful solution.

 We focus on enhancing your online presence and local SEO, ensuring your business gains maximum visibility and engagement in the digital space. By shifting to online marketing, you'll not only save on advertising costs but also connect with a broader and more relevant audience in today's internet-centric world.

We Let Our Numbers Do the Talking!

Check out the profits that we have generated for our clients!

Client Marketing Profits 1

11 Million in sales

Fitness Company

Here is an activity company that we helped to over 11 million in sales!

Client Sales 2

$94,737 in first 6 months

Cosmetic Brand

Here is a new cosmetic brand that we took online and produced $94K in online sales in just 6 months!

Client Sales 3

593 Red hot leads in 1 month

Jeep Rental

Here's a Jeep rental company that wanted us to run a lead campaign for them. 593 in 1 month!

Client Sales 4

2 Million in Sales

Information Product

We took this information product company to over 2 million in sales last year with a net profit over 750K!

Google Campaign 1

$94,737 in first 6 months

Solar Company

Here's a 27K Google campaign we ran for a solar company that brought in over $3 million in sales. That's over 11,000% reurn on investment!

Client Sales 5

$94,737 in first 6 months

Local Brand Company

Here is a local business that we scaled to over 300K in the worst year on record to grow a business! (2020)

And I'd Like to Give Your Business the Opportunity to Partner Alongside My Team and Me, Who Were Responsible for These Impressive Results...

Client Sales 2

The truth is, executing successful digital marketing strategies can significantly boost your business profits

In fact, your business has the potential to expand at an unprecedented rate. This becomes especially possible when you partner with a team that has a proven track record, having scaled over 100 companies using these methods. 

Imagine doubling, or even tripling, your return on every dollar invested. All of this is achievable when you employ a tested strategy that has already generated over eight figures in revenue.

Why Invest Thousands of Dollars and Endless Hours Experimenting with Uncertain Strategies When You Can Simply Let Us Handle It for You?

Over the past five years, I've invested thousands upon thousands in exhaustive testing—analyzing numerous images, videos, website designs, and target audiences. 

Let me be upfront: the journey was anything but simple.

 I've had days without acquiring a single customer and sleepless nights filled with doubt and frustration. There were moments I questioned my business and wondered if success was in the cards for me.

But I endured all this stress and uncertainty so that other entrepreneurs don't have to. Once I honed my skills and streamlined my processes to replicate success, not just for myself but for all my clients, everything fell into place effortlessly.

Website Sales Report 1

That's When Both My Clients and I Began Witnessing Outcomes Like These...

Tripled Our Income

We have worked with Brandon and his team for over year now. They are exemplary. Brandon is punctual and a master at his craft. 

Profile testimonial 1

Richie Weberg


X1 Marketing has been absolutely remarkable. They took my Google Business profile from #11 to #1 in just 2 months.

Client Testimonial Profile 2

Andrea Campanello

Over the Top

Brandon and his team of professionals delivered on time and went over the top to exceed expectations.

Client Testiomial Profile 3

Brady Hower

Our Proven Local Marketing Strategies Work in Several Niches and Verticals Such As:

Client Sales 3

Local - Brick n’ Mortar
Real Estate
Social Media Marketing - PR
Professional Services
Health - Fitness - Sports
Finance - Trading
Artists - Musicians
Influencers - Personal Branding

This is Our Process and... It Works!

Audit Your Online Presence

We kick off the process by thoroughly assessing your online footprint, whether it's your website, landing page, or online store. Our focus is to pinpoint opportunities in the Greater Peoria Area for enhancement that will drive more customers, amplify sales, and boost leads.

Craft Your Strategy

Having successfully expanded hundreds of businesses online, we've gained substantial expertise in marketing and advertising. We'll leverage this comprehensive skill set to create a tailored strategy just for your business. The aim isn't just to meet your goals, but to exceed them significantly.

Activate Your Campaign

After we've formulated our strategy, the next step is execution. Our team has a reputation for being among the quickest and most responsive professionals in the field. We'll have everything up and running for you in an impressively short timeframe.

Maximize Growth

With your new campaign now live, it's time to accelerate. Our team will oversee operations to ensure our strategies are driving a surge of new customers and sales to your business, up to your capacity to manage them.

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